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Find the lenses and contacts for your prescription at Windham Optical. We have an in-house lab and are able to do lens work there to get your new glasses or contacts to you sooner. You can also get basic repair work done on your glasses while you're here.


Browse our wide selection of frames and discover one that perfectly complements your style. We also have package deals available — stop by and ask us for more details. Put our more than 40 years of experience to work. Get the right lenses and the right frames at the right price today at Windham Optical.

  • Single-vision lenses

  • Multifocal lenses

  • Bifocals

  • Trifocals

  • Thinner and flatter lenses

  • Aspheric lenses

  • Specialty lenses

  • Tinted lenses

  • Bifocal contacts

  • Progressive contacts

  • Aspheric contact lenses

  • Disposable contact lenses

  • Toric contact lenses

  • Sports contact lenses